Nutrition program in La Jolla spa helps people stay fit

A special nutrition program in La Jolla Sports Club, a popular healthclub in California is helping members stay fit and healthy. The program was designed by certified sports nutritionist, Kathleen Rafaat. Rafaat came up with the program knowing that, while exercise is crucial, having a proper diet is still the key to living a long and healthy life.
Those who are interested in the nutrition program may set an appointment for an initial assessment, during which their nutrient deficits and personal needs will be identified and an appropriate meal plan will be determined. Afterwards, there will be constant monitoring to ensure they are progressing toward their goals. There will also be trips to the grocery store, educational seminars, and weekly consultations.
Rafaat also facilitates a Nutrition Seminar every third Tuesday where she discusses issues with program participants regarding healthy eating for the mind and body as well as ways to keep a balanced lifestyle. By signing up, members will instantly receive the support of their peers and will have all the resources necessary to start eating healthier and living better.
Program participants can expect to learn about healthy foods and easy recipes that will help them to regularly eat better. Rafaat explains that that a few simple tips, some well researched facts, and a little bit of willpower are all that is needed to completely change your eating habits. Moreover, for those participants that are competitive athletes, they will be guided on how to succeed in their specific sports or races.
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