Norwegian petroleum sector continues to see high level of activity

Norwegian petroleum sector continues to see high level of activity With a high and stable level of activity in the Norwegian petroleum sector, Norway has done much better than its trading partners in recent years following the financial crisis.

At a time when the market outlook for traditional Norwegian exports has become steadily weaker, the industry has made a positive contribution on a national level. With a good finding rate, new development projects ahead, and oil prices close to present levels, the basis for maintaining a high level of activity on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) exists.

Bjørn Harald Martinsen, economics manager at the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, explained, “With many people wanting to scale back activity on the Norwegian continental shelf, it’s worth noting that our petroleum industry will play an important role in the foreseeable future in securing sufficient energy for the world, continued substantial revenues for the government and Norwegian jobs.”

As the amount of jobs in the Norwegian petroleum sector increase, Norway continues its search for foreign talent, utilising online recruitment websites such as There, companies can post daily job vacancies and seek out experienced professionals for the Norwegian oil and gas sector.

Visit to learn more about see this week’s list of job vacancies.

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