“Hot Tape”, a new type of tape introduced by carton sealing supplier

The leading supplier of high-quality carton sealing tape and other packaging necessities World Packaging, is introducing a new product which they called the “Hot Tape.” This acrylic adhesive is meant to serve as an affordable alternative to hot melt adhesive tape.

Hot melt tapes are commonly used for applications that need a stronger seal, since they can resist tearing and scuffing, as well as some chemicals that can affect the bond. These properties make the tapes suitable for packages that are over-stuffed, or packages that have flaps that are pushing up instead of staying flat. The tapes also function well in temperatures between 45 and 120 degrees Farenheit.

Because of their amazing sealing power, hot melt tapes cost more than other tapes that do not have such a capability. Thus, Hot Tape was developed for the benefit of people looking for a very strong yet inexpensive option. Despite being an acrylic adhesive tape, the new product also has all the characteristics of a hot melt tape.

World Packaging offers the Hot Tape in tan and clear colors, so the product can match the shades of most sturdy corrugated shipping boxes or any other shipping containers. The tapes are also available in two-inch and three-inch widths, with both options coming with 110-yard lengths. There is also a two-inch-wide, 55-yard-long Hot Tape in clear color.

Those who want to buy the product can do so with a minimum order of one case, which contains 36 rolls of the two-inch tapes and 24 rolls of the three-inch ones. The tapes also function well in temperatures between -30 and 120 degrees Farenheit.

Visit www.WorldPackagingCo.com today to learn more details or to place orders.

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