YNG yachting introduces a new cruise itinerary from Bodrum to Istanbul

YNG Yachting is pleased to introduce a brand new itinerary based on popular demand, which will not only be filled with an abundance of spectacular destinations, but is also very affordable for large groups.

“It has been a long time coming, this itinerary”, states YNG official. “We have had a great deal of requests but it has always been a price that not many travelers choose to afford. However now we have selected the right Turkish gulets for this impressive boat holiday cruise”, further explains YNG Yachting.
According to YNG, the private yacht charter trip starts in the bustling city of Bodrum and concludes the journey in historical Istanbul – a place where all travelers to Turkey desire to see. The duration is two weeks and the boats hold a maximum capacity of 22 guests on board and fully crewed. YNG Yachting explained that the itinerary choice is split into two. Blue cruise travelers can select from destinations which include the Turkish Aegean coastline, or add the Greek Islands of the North Aegean as well.
“Holidaymakers come to Turkey each year to see all the magnificent unique historical sites that offer a plethora of archaeological ruins and ancient cities. Some come from long distances and feel that it is worth their while to stay a minimum of 2 weeks or more. What better way than to include a luxurious blue cruise private charter for 2 weeks and still be able to enjoy the treasures of Istanbul”, explains YNG Yachting official.
The trip operates during the month of October only. YNG Yachting explained that the climate is ideal for this time of year, as although it is a seafaring journey, it is also a very rich blue voyage of discovery and explore from the coast and inland. YNG further stated that there are three very clean and well maintained gulets designated for this trip, which travelers can choose from.

To know more about YNG yacthing visi t- http://yachtsngulets.com/bodrum-istanbul-private-blue-cruise-holiday.html

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