Ideas for disability bathroom design

wetroom designTraditional bathrooms can be difficult for people with disabilities to use because the bathroom is not designed according to their needs and therefore is harder to use and not as safe. Installing an easy access bathroom can change this and it is important to have the right disability bathroom design.

Disability Bathroom Design Ideas From Bathtime Mobility

The two main things that strong disability bathroom design should focus on are is the room’s ease of use and whether it is safe to use.

Disability bathrooms are no longer the ugly, utilitarian spaces that they used to be. They have evolved so that they are now sleek and stylish, while still being functional and safe.

When designing the disability bathroom it is important to consider what will be needed to go inside and whether a walk in bath or shower or both is wanted in the bathroom.

A walk in bath is far easier to use than a traditional bathtub and is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy long relaxing bubble baths. The walk in bath is entered through a door in the side of the bath rather than climbing over the side. This makes it much easier to get in and out of. The door has watertight seals to prevent the water from leaking onto the bathroom floor which can cause it to become wet and slippery.

A walk in shower is ideal for people with disabilities as there is either a very low shower tray or no tray at all which means that there is no high ledge to step over to enter and exit the shower which can be difficult if you have balance issues. A walk in shower can have no shower tray which means that it is ideal for wheelchair access, rather than having to get the wheelchair over the ledge of the shower tray.

An important disability bathroom design feature is grab rails. These can be placed in the walk in bath and shower to aid getting in and out of the bath and shower. Grab rails can also be placed around the bathroom to help you get around easily. This provides you with greater freedom and independence as you will not need someone’s help to get around the bathroom.

Seats can also be installed in the walk in showers so that you can sit down in the shower if you have balance issues or struggle to stand for long periods of time. Shower seats means that bathing is no longer a chore but is instead a relaxing experience.

Design Your Perfect Easy Access Bathroom With Bathtime Mobility

Bathtime Mobility are experts in disability bathroom design. They have many years worth of experience in the creation and installation of disability bathrooms and showers for many hundreds of highly satisfied clients.

As they are 100% independently owned, Bathtime Mobility can offer truly impartial advice as to which of their products and appliances are right for you. Their team will also work closely with you every step of the way from the moment you call. To see examples of great disability bathroom design, visit Bathtime Mobility online today at

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